Welcome to Employee Plan Compliance Company of Louisiana!

Employee Plan Compliance Company (EPCC) is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was established in 1978.    Our clients sponsor defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, 403(b) plans and hybrid cash balance plans and are located throughout the southeastern U.S.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients in implementing retirement plans that promote corporate goals and objectives, control costs, and give employees a sense of security.  It is our commitment to provide premium consulting and administrative services to our clients in a timely, accurate, and cost effective manner.

Employee Plan Compliance Company is a consulting and third party administration firm engaged in the management and administration of retirement plans.  Read more.

We specialize in retirement plan consulting, plan design, the implementation of new retirement plans and the maintenance of existing retirement plans. Read more

Our clients include attorneys, medical professionals, investment professionals, banks, schools, construction companies and engineering firms, just to name a few. Read more

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