Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor rules and regulations can be difficult to understand and frequently change.  Employee Plan Compliance Company provides the support and expertise you need to be confident that your retirement plan is meeting the many requirements to remain compliant with the latest rules and regulations.


  • Assistance with Fee Disclosure compliance.
  • Determination of §415 limit compliance (maximum annual additions).
  • Top Heavy Testing.
  • Coverage Testing under §410(b).
  • ADP/ACP testing (401(k) plans).
  • Preparation of Form 5500 and related Schedules.
  • Provide assistance with required audit of large retirement plans by independent CPA.
  • Preparation of Summary Annual Report
  • Preparation of Form 8955-SSA.
  • Preparation of Forms 1099-R.
  • AFTAP certification for defined benefit plans (provided by Aegis Pension Services).
  • Preparation of Schedule SB for defined benefit plans (provided by Aegis Pension Services.